I made it!

Hellooooooooo Blog-land! I have finally arrived, so fresh—>so clean and green as an apple! I am going to keep this first tutorial VERY simple, not because I don’t think YOU can handle it, I just don’t think I can handle it! 🙂 Plus, I want to see how this all turns out when it’s actually published! Can you believe it?? Published! Lets see who do I want to thank–>I should start with God and then my parents and then the teacher who told me I would never amount to anything…Okay seriously though, this is SO exciting! So, on to the tutorial! Valentine’s Day is JUST around the corner (it isn’t but it just helps me not seem as nuts for posting about Valentine’s Day already) and what better way to heart-ify your home than to add some oh-so-cute magnets to your blah fridge! These are SUPER simple too, all you will need are some finished bottle caps, a glue gun, and some heavy-duty circular magnets!

Here are the bottle caps! Now–> wait for it, wait for it…..

Here are the magnets purchased from Joann’s 

This is what the bottle cap will look like from behind! Okay so I believe the pictures are pretty self-explanitory but in case they aren’t, here are the written instructions. 1. Purchase some darling finished bottle caps ( I actually sell bottle caps BUT have no idea how to link all of that up here yet?? I will get it all linked up to my Etsy account just bear with me for a bit) that you can purchase from either myself, Ebay, or on Etsy!2. Buy Magnets 3. Hot glue magnets to the bottom of bottlecaps. Side note here: Make sure you purchase flattened bottle caps, it will make your life MUCH easier! That’s it! Presto, and this is what it looks like on your fridge!

Your Refrigerator goes from drab to fab in under five minutes! You’re Welcome! See you tomorrow with a Valentine’s creation/tutorial that I am REALLY excited about!

Gettin' Krafty With It

5 responses to “I made it!

  1. So, help a beginner out here…the “finished bottle caps” come with the cute little Valentine pictures on them? Wow….I’ve been missing out! Where does one purchase these cute things? I’d like to use something similar to play matching games with my students. Attaching the magnets means they can use them on the same place they use the magnetic letters.

  2. Yup, the images are already there, all you do is hot glue or E6000 the magnet and voila! I sell them and you can also look on Etsy or Ebay! Sounds like a great idea you have!

  3. Very cute bottle caps!!! Just in time for V-Day too.

  4. Really cute magnets ! Thanks for sharing at Gettin’ Krafty With It!!

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