~Red Burlap Wreath~

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” ~William Morris

I purposely started out with pictures for this tutorial because I want you to see the potential this has and show you that the result will be worth the hassle! LOL It is probably the toughest tutorial I have posted for one reason alone: it is hard to get the hanger to work with you 🙂 So, the supplies you will need to make this wreath are 1/2 yard of burlap and at FULL price at Joanns that will only cost you two bucks so if you have a 40 percent off coupon we’re talking 1.20–>rad, I KNOW! The only other thing you need is a wire hanger and some embellishments! So the first thing you need to do is find a wire hanger…

Then you need to “unravel” it and create a circular form out of it (sorry, no picture of this) You will need to cut 4 burlap strips, approximately 4 inches wide. Start with one of your strips and you are going to basically accordian fold the burlap while inserting the wire hanger into the middle of it. So you are “threading” the burlap onto the hanger…

Pretend that this wire hanger has been unraveled and put into  a basic circular shape..keep adding your burlap. When you finish threading one strip pick up another and do this with all four strips. When you are done you will lay the wreath down flat and have all the burlap face upwards and this is the tricky part…you will need your oh-so-sexy-husband for this part. Have him get his tools, I know one thing was called needle-nose pliers and I can’t for the life of me remeber the other and he is asleep right now–>doh! It’s so on the tip of my tongue too!! Okay, well the job of the tool whose name I can’t remember is to clip off the wire where you need it to because you will be left with a ton of extra wire so you need to decide how tight you want your wreath, pull down the burlap and show your husband the spots to snip off. Then he will take his handy-dandy needle-noses and bend and contort the two wire ends so that they will enclose and make a wreath. Whew, that was hard work—>for him! 🙂 Did I mention how much I love my husband? He is the BEST! So the next thing I did was take some scraps of regular burlap I already had laying around and glued one strip to the back so that it would have something to dangle from and I used the other scraps to embellish along with some buttons and lace and it now hangs from my antique-ish looking mirror. This was originally meant to be a V-day decoration but I love it SO MUCH that I will let it live with us year-round 🙂

Doesn’t it fit right in nestled among the Pottery Barn candles and Clock??

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer them as best I can!



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25 responses to “~Red Burlap Wreath~

  1. Wire cutters…its cute,you could do this for every holiday really

  2. I LOVE this wreath! I mean I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I think it’s adorable! I will be making one (well, at least trying) 🙂 Is it big enough for a front door? I just LOVE it!! Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Thanks Michelle, me too! It is about 8 inches round but if you would like it to be bigger just buy more burlap! Good luck and I would love to see pictures if you attempt it!

  4. Hey! I tried the wreath yesterday afternoon and I think I will be making plenty more 🙂 I posted pictures on my blog ( http://www.thezebrastripedpig.blogspot.com ) & I put a link to your site. I would love to know what you think about it. Thanks for the great idea!!

  5. Holy wow! I love it! Especially since it’s red…I love home decor anything in red!

  6. This is gorgeous! I love it!

  7. LOVE your red burlap wreath! I featured it on my TT&J FB page and linked to you. Just so you know, the link that you linked up at the party goes to an unknown page, I’ll see if I can fix the link address for you.


  8. I got it fixed so people can find it from the party. Have a great night!


  9. holy molly!! this is SO easy!! thanks thanks for sharing. you are a crafty genious!!just found your blog. im smitten.

  10. Adorable!! 🙂

  11. This is so pretty!! I think I am going to make one now. Thanks for the inspiration I just found your blog. Come check me out if you get a chance.


  12. This is such a unique idea. I really like how it turned out!

  13. you had me at red burlap!! fabulous project! Thanks for partying with WhipperBerry this weekend.


  14. I would love to see a post, in all seriousness, that shows where you store all your creative departures when they are out of season. I am so curious what kind of system you use to know where it all is!

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