Moose Themed Party

Hi there my faithful followers! I know I have been MIA the past week but there has been much going on between homework, kids and party planning! I just wanted to write up a quick post of praise for my Silhouette machine! What a gem of a tool 🙂 I had less than 48 hours to throw together a “moose-themed” bachelorette party–>YIKES! So, the first thing I did was send my hubby to Lowe’s to buy me some wood. I had him cut it into a 19inch square and then I took it from there! I spray painted my square, created my design in the Silhouette Studio, cut it onto vinyl, applied it and presto change-o–>this is what I had:

A FANTASTIC photo prop! Cool huh??

See the orange hats the girls are wearing? One says moose and the other is a picture of a moose? Those were also made using the Silhouette and the brown heat transfer paper! I also created funny names for the food, incorporating the “moose-theme” and cut out letters using my….you guessed it—> handy-dandy Silhouette! I then glued to brown cardstock:

So neat what this machine can do right? Totally worth the investment!

Now to work on Mikayla’s Tea Party decorations! Party Planning is so much fun and the little extra touches really make a difference! Night



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