9 years ago today….

and 4 hours and ten minutes later (yes, I know the EXACT time) I was blessed beyond measure. There is something about carrying and nurturing a child that is just indescribable…and then to meet them for the first time–>mind-blowing.

I realize this isn’t a newborn shot but when Mikayla was first born I was a HUGE scrapbooker and every one of her baby photos is in her scrapbooks under her bed and well, it is 1:28 in the morning and I don’t want to wake my sleeping beauty 🙂

I remember having a lovely pregnancy but labor was….well…labor 🙂 I can just remember being so very tired when it was all said and done and there was noooo.tiiiiime.fooooor.sleeeeeeeeeep. I can also vividly remember saying (after 18 plus hours of labor) that I would do it all 100 times over for my girl.

I mean really, this face??? How could I not! As a very young child Mikayla was very quiet and reserved but always very well behaved. She seemed to analyze situations and people before jumping into the mix. It’s interesting because I was very much the same way up until about age 10 (painfully shy actually). She outgrew her shyness much sooner. By age 4 or so her personality really started to blossom.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Mikayla, I can remember this moment and how happy and free she felt with the wind whipping her hair on this warm California day. I took my seat belt off and reversed myself so that I could capture a gazillion pictures of her throwing her head back in laughter…

We lived in an apartment for years and she always loved when Springtime would roll around because then she could tend to our pretty plants. It’s very symbolic of the type of person she is: she is a nurturer, always concerned with the well-being and feelings of others.

Don’t let her fool you though, she has some spunk and sass for sure! LOL  Her vocabulary has always cracked me up! A perceptive one she is! The words she would use and feelings she would describe at age 3 or 4–>yowzas! Surely you would have been impressed and a bit amused (to say the least.)

As she gets older I find that I am already preparing myself for when she will leave. Is that crazy?? My mom took it REALLY hard when I left and it put a tremendous amount of guilt and weight on my shoulders. I do not want to do that with my children. They are, after all, meant to fly away and leave the nest at some point. Weaving their own way through life.

 I am trying to savor and relish every moment with Mikayla (with both of my girls, but this post is about Mikayla :)) I have to be diligent about allowing her to do things for herself so that she can be prepared to take care of herself and hopefully her own little family one day.

BUUUUT, I’m her mamma and sometimes foot massages and pedicures ARE in order because that’s just what us girls do for fun once all the schoolwork and housework is done (and sometimes even when it isn’t–>shhh) 🙂

These days Mikayla loves to craft and she has many “business ventures” in the works (this is soundly oddly familiar…hmmm) She LOVES riding her scooter and bike and can’t wait for Spring (her words) so we can start going on early evening strolls as a family like we always do in the fall/spring months. She wants to be a Veterinarian, Dancer, and Photographer when she grows up, but for now doing dishes will have to suffice 🙂

Isn’t it nice that each age comes with its own perks. I can’t throw her up in the air anymore but I can snuggle up in her bed with her and read out of quote books. We have so much fun breaking quotes/poems down and searching for the buried, deeper meanings.

I can’t rock her in my arms and hum her to sleep anymore but we can and do read together every night–>chapter books at that! Our current read is Prince Caspian! If you haven’t read any C.S. Lewis books in your life–>I’m sorry. Please fix that 🙂 Another favorite author of ours is Shel Silverstein. Who am I kidding? I could be here all night recommending books and authors! LOL

We bake, we BAKE together! How cool is that! Mikayla’s latest interest is sewing. In fact, just tonight she asked me if I could please come up with some fabric scraps for her to make pillows out of because there are some prospective buyers at her school. No joke. The kid is dead serious! She is on her way to conquering the free world I tell ya! I sewed this apron for her last year and she wants to attempt to make one for herself this year….

The last nine years have been such a whirlwind adventure with my KK and I still cant believe she is mine. How thankful I am for her in my life. It was nine years ago when I first understood what it was like to walk around with my heart outside of my body. Happy Birthday my beautiful , outgoing, vivacious, sweet, sensitive, bright, resilient, hilarious, sassy little tooker! Mamma loves you THIS much…off to bed so that I can maybe get 4 hours of sleep before waking up to make my special girl a special breakfast before school.



6 responses to “9 years ago today….

  1. You have me crying in my coffee. Beautiful post, and beautiful girl!


  2. Beautiful. The post, KK, and you. Just beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful post and even more beautiful little girl.

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