The woman behind the blog

Hello Friends! I am going to keep this bio as short and sweet as possible 🙂 My name is Christina and I am originally from Long Beach, California but no longer reside there. I am still in sunny Cali but exactly where will remain a mystery (keeps things interesting, don’t you think??) I am a mother to two beautiful girls. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself…

  Told you so 🙂 They don’t get much cuter than these two–>okay, okay, I may be a teensy bit biased…alright so where was I?? Oh yes, a mother! I am also a wife to one devastatingly handsome man named Jason. Okay, here’s another picture for funsies but paws off ladies, he’s ALL mine 🙂

Okay this picture just CRACKS ME UP because this is soooo the look he would give me after reading what I wrote about him above–>Perfect! I believe I was embarassing him when this picture was taken because we were in NYC and I was being a typical tourist and photographing him standing in the subway, all the while yelling things like, “show me lion, work it, work it, now do a little turn…” I didn’t REALLY do that, but I wanted to and he was embarassed nonetheless :)Okay, let me get back on track, wasn’t this supposed to be a brief bio?? Okay so babies, husband, work–>WORK! That’s what was next! I work as a photographer and I also create and sell girly doo-das like bows, beanies, flowers, etc. What is the purpose of this blog you ask? To share my inspirations with you all and to push my creativity as well! I considered doing a joint craft/photography blog but that just won’t work so once I get this blog all sitch-ee-ated I am going to set-up my photography blog! I am going to end this bio with some interesting facts (okay there I go making promises I can’t keep because facts about ME may be utterly boring to YOU) about myself. Here goes:

1.I am right-handed (crazy, I know) 2.I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE learning new things3. I wanted to be a Criminal Psychologist growing up (don’t make me psycho-analyze you!)4. Mint n Chip Ice Cream RoCkS!5. I was accepted to the 4 Universities of my choice (including UC Santa Barbara) and didn’t attend any of them (I know, I know….sigh)6. I value hard work (lazy people–>you get no sympathy from me)7. I used to bartend and miss it from time to time Alright well, that’s all I have folks. I am beginning to see cross-eyed and will probably delete a bunch of this in the morning when i’ve had some shut-eye and realize all the typing errors (ie useless information) I’ve included here–>LOL tata for now!

Oh, and this is me:


13 responses to “The woman behind the blog

  1. Such a beautiful family!!!!

  2. YAY for your blog!!***!!***!!***!!***

  3. You GO girl! So proud to know you!!!

  4. okay i think i’ve entered the blog site…i love it…! hopefully by checking the boxes below this i will get automatic updates and notifications of your new blog entries…?, i’ve always wanted to start a blog, especially after watching Julie & Julia but never have thus far, who knows maybe one day i will…!

  5. oops forgot to check the boxes…!

  6. oops Christina i meant to check the boxes below but now it’s telling me i’ve already said that and won’t allow me to re-post, let me try again here, i swear i’m such a blonde sometimes, UGH!

  7. LOL, you should Patti! If it won’t let you do it here try to go to my tutorials and click there. Go to the top of the screen and click home and you will see the tutorials! I am supposed to have a little button on the right of my home page where you can enter your e-mail and get notifications but I’m not quite sure why it isn’t popping up. I will get it sorted out so that you can be notified via e-mail! Thanks for your support!

  8. I love your beautiful wreaths you made!

  9. Thank you ever so for you blog post.Thanks Again. Will read on…

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